Saturday, July 25, 2009

Energy Soup

Wow, I am really loving energy soup. I just tried it today for the first time...finally! I wish I would have tried it sooner.

I was watching The Raw Food World T.V. show a few days ago, and a lovely lady made it step by step on the show. I was intrigued, because this concoction was something that I had been wanting to try, but there was just something holding me back! I don't know what.

Here's the link to that show if you want to check it out for yourself!

But, now this lovely mixture of greens and other goodies will be one of my favorite meals. Nothing can compare to my good ole salads though...but the green energy soup is so wonderful because 1.) it's blended, so it is pre-digested and 2.) gives your cells the utmost nutrition possible. Especially if you've got garden fresh greens or wild edibles. I really wish I could find some good wild edibles in this area. I really need to look online at what is available here in this area in this hot Texas Summer. There's probably not much, besides dandelion greens in a well watered garden.

The pic is of me last weekend. It was my hubby's birthday, and I had surprised him with a carrot cake. (It was cooked, but oh so yummy. I did have some...4 small peices within 3 days. It was rice flower, and all natural. No eggs. I used flax seeds in the place of the eggs.) My hubby is a cooked vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy on occasion, but I try not to bake stuff with eggs anyway.

In the picture, my skin is glowing! I have been on a high raw diet now for 2 years. I am finally becoming so much more confident about myself. The carrot cake did make me break out for a few days, but as soon as I went back on my primarily raw diet, it faded and is almost gone. I feel much better when I don't give in to cooked, but if I eat it, I try not to feel guilty anymore, because that was my choice to do it.

One day I plan to be 100% raw, and stick with it. I am giving myself and my family time to adjust though.

Well, I hope your life is filled with BLISS CHARGED LOVE, and I send you much love and pixie dust!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Time to Write, Seeing Spiders, and Gardening, it's been a long time. Since April! I am finally starting to feel better, and more motivated to start writing again. I went through a little bit of a funk there for a while...I guess energies were shifting for a bit, and I needed time to let them. I was also EXTREMely busy, actually ridiculously. I had no energy to do anything but clean, work, eat, sleep, well, you get the idea. Just the basics there for a while. Not even really any fun! Life was just plain hard, but I had the faith to pull myself through it. I have to say that if I wasn't doing raw foods, things would have probably been a LOT harder.

Last weekend, Fourth of July weekend, I kept seeing spiders everywhere. I noticed they were ALWAYS right in front of me! Like, in front of my eyes, like they wanted to tell me something. So, finally while I was at my friend's 4th of July party, I looked up spider on her totem animal book. Before I even looked, I knew exactly what it meant for me (I have a totem book too...the meaning is a little different, but still the same basic meaning) and it means to start writing creatively. So, here I am, and although this may not be all too creative, it is a start.

Another beautiful hobby that I am loving more and more, is gardening. I have a nice little veggie garden now, and although the hot sun here in Texas is preventing it from flowering, it has been really fun watching the planties grow. It took me forever to actually be able to plant some in the ground, because I couldn't afford soil. I've been creating compost though, in a home made bin that my grandmother made me. She made it while I slept one morning, and I didn't even know she was doing it. She is an amazing woman who has huge compost piles in her backyard with a humungous garden that is lush and beautiful. It has been producing a wonderful crop. I guess I just need to be patient with mine.

I will for sure put up some pics of the garden soon, and a photo of me. My skin has changed significantly. I did go off 100% raw...and was eating probably like 85-90% each day. But now, I'm darned near 100%. And whew, I am having such bad gas. I'm surprised my husband hasn't commented on it. My daughter sure does, and even told everyone at the lunch table about it at Red Lobster when my friend took us to eat there. No, I didn't eat any seafood...I had a huge salad with lemon juice and sea salt. I swear I think everyone was staring at me thinking I was crazy. You know, most people do think I'm crazy, I'm sure. I don't know anyone who is like me here! It's pretty cool though, I get to plant lots of seeds in people's minds.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you are having an amazing July so far. I know I am...especially since I've been consciously opening my heart and loving everyone around me, no matter what stage of development they are on. Cuz I know darned sure that sometime's I'm not always perfect! ;)

Tip: When you water your garden or grass, imagine that the water coming out is an extention of the love in your heart. It really works. <3