Friday, November 27, 2009

My Raw Thanksgiving, and Kundalini Awakening (I think) Plus Garden Pics

Greetings, and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. You could just feel the buzz of everyone preparing for a feast, and happy family gatherings in the air. There was a stillness and a peacefulness that permeated through the ethers that just felt wonderful. The faint smells of spices lingered, while cars piled into driveways, families and friends uniting for giving thanks.

I made two dishes yesterday, one a veggie rainbow salad with colors abounding, and the other, a cinnamon, banana, apple, walnut and raisin salad. Making the dishes was so relaxing, and I just felt the love streaming from my heart as I prepared them. I knew that this Thanksgiving was going to be very special.

Earlier in the day, I wrote a special Thanksgiving prayer to read before the dinner. I felt so spiritual and light as I wrote the prayer, every word effortlessly being drawn from my right brain. After I wrote the prayer, I stood up to stretch, feeling very delighted to have written my very first prayer ever!

Something strange happened to me after the I was stretching in the doorway to my room, I felt very abnormally lightheaded, and leaned over into a standing forward bend, to catch my balance. As I was bending over, I started shaking uncontrollably!!! I don't know what was happening...I was not making myself shake, it happened all on it's own. It was like a seizure, I think. I have never had a seizure, and I am a very healthy person. The only thing I can think of is that since I had written the prayer, it opened my chakras and alligned them, and gave me a kundalini awakening.

Any thoughts on this?? I would really like some feedback from someone who has had something similar happen. I have been practicing yoga daily with short meditations, always aware of every thought I think, every bite I take, every breath I breathe and word I speak. I think I was in allignment for it...what do you think?

Later on, when it came time for the prayer, after a little nervousness, I said the affirmation, "I am calm." The prayer came out with confidence, and then we all sang "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow." It was so magical and lovely!!!

The meal was so delicious. I had all raw, with the exception of a few small peices of feta cheese that were in a spinach salad, two bites of mashed potatoes, and one bite of my mom's sweet potatoes. They were sooo yummy, but all I can handle of cooked is a few bites, and I just feel so much better when I don't eat a lot of cooked food. Especially if it has regular salt, refined sugar, and processed starches.

The only thing that was a little bothersome of the evening was the cooked smells, and smokiness of the house...I have become so sensitive that sitting in the house for only five minutes, my throat became very parched. I had to drink a lot of water through the evening to help my voice not become scratchy.

Besides that, everything was perfect. I am so grateful!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of JOY too!

I had promised pics of my garden, and luckily I am finally posting them. These were taken about a month ago, which was when the garden was really flourishing!

Love n Light,