Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's a pic of me 100% raw for one week. My hubby is sitting next to me...we are at his Palm Harbor Homes awards banquet.

We had lots of fun. I had forgotten that it wasn't last night that took me off 100% raw when I gave into temptation and ate two Newton O's and a cup of soy was actually at the banquet. I had 2 glasses of red wine, and ended up eating a small amount of cooked veggies, which was on top of a bed of white rice. I got the vegetarian meal. I did not eat the rice. It looked really gross, and the cooked veggies were actually not very good. I did eat two salads though, which were great!

After the banquet, we went to a blues bar and watched a live blues concert. It was sooo fun. It was at Antone's in Austin, Texas. Really neat place. I like how they don't allow smoking in the clubs there.

I also had two more glasses of wine while we were out having fun that night. It actually felt really good to get out and let loose. Me and Chris don't get much time this was a real blast.

The next day, I felt a little tired, but I didn't have a hangover. After 4 glasses of wine you would think I would! I don't really ever drink, so I was surprised!

Well, I'm back on 100% now. I had a cup of coffee this morning, which made my throat feel yucky. I don't like feeling like I need to cough for two hours straight...which is what coffee makes me do. Next time I need a pick me up, I will have some almond milk ready, and will make myself a cacao drink.

I am really happy with the way I'm looking and feeling. I plan on staying 100% from now on. Last night the reason I gave into the cookies (which were organic by the way) was because I have been craving something cooked and chocolaty ever since I went all raw last week. I gave in, but I feel good about it. It was only two...and they were satisfying. I need to have some raw dehydrated treats around so that I can snack on them for dessert when I want...when I want something heavier.

My stomach has been so empty feeling though... I feel like I'm starving half the time!! I will be happy when that feeling goes away.

Well, I hope your day is fabulous. I know this was a long post...but I have much to say. Next time I will blog about the wonderful synchronicities and sweet emotions I have been experiencing. Until then, have FAITH<3>


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Started Eating 100% Raw Today.

Today I started eating a 100% raw food diet. No more occasional refined sugar treats, cooked veggies, pasta, breads, etc. I have learned that all of these give me gas that just plain stinks, they make me feel crazy, and they give me zits!!

You know, my excuse a lot of the time was the expense of eating all raw. Now, I know that eating raw, the Universe will supply me what I need, because I'm eating stuff that is saving the planet. Mother Earth knows what I'm doing, and she loves me for it. I can just feel the good vibes coming from her now.

I plan to put up some before and after pics soon...I have been 80-98% raw for a while now, but just realized that all those small amounts of cooked just didn't do me any good. I'm so glad I'm making the change.

I've noticed an edginess about me this evening though...and an intese hunger in my belly...but I'm not giving in. I'm finally doing this for me, no matter what ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS!!!!!

Yay Me.

My Little Princess

Well here's a pic of my princess Kaya, at her 7th birthday party. She got just enough toys, not too much. Her birthday was March 21st, and we had lots of fun.

One of the gifts she got was this butterfly fake candle holder. The candle has an on/off switch on it...pretty cool. My grandma gave it to her to use as a night light. (Which would save a lot of electricity if she would use it! She likes to sleep with the closet light on.)

I remembered that I said I would post a here she is, the beautiful shining light that she is. It is such a joy to be a mommy.