Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Started Eating 100% Raw Today.

Today I started eating a 100% raw food diet. No more occasional refined sugar treats, cooked veggies, pasta, breads, etc. I have learned that all of these give me gas that just plain stinks, they make me feel crazy, and they give me zits!!

You know, my excuse a lot of the time was the expense of eating all raw. Now, I know that eating raw, the Universe will supply me what I need, because I'm eating stuff that is saving the planet. Mother Earth knows what I'm doing, and she loves me for it. I can just feel the good vibes coming from her now.

I plan to put up some before and after pics soon...I have been 80-98% raw for a while now, but just realized that all those small amounts of cooked just didn't do me any good. I'm so glad I'm making the change.

I've noticed an edginess about me this evening though...and an intese hunger in my belly...but I'm not giving in. I'm finally doing this for me, no matter what ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS!!!!!

Yay Me.


  1. Congratulations! How are you doing so far?

  2. Hey Amanda!
    I'm doing great so far. I have for the most part stuck with 100%. My stomach is still having some problems with feeling empty. Last night I treated myself to two newton o's, and a small amount of soy milk. I know that took me off 100%, but I'm not worried. I also had a cup of coffee this morning, which made my throat feel pretty crappy. So, I don't know if I'll be doing THAT again. I felt fine with the cookies. I had NO raw snacks in the house (shame on me) except fruit, which, we all know how boring that can be! But, I am planning on doing better. I was 100% raw for almost two weeks!!