Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recently Detoxed and Energy is Great.

Hello! It's been so long!

I did a 7 day detox 2 weeks ago. It was one led by Frederic Patenaude. On the first day, you fast until dinner, then at dinner, eat simply with no fats.

During the detox, for 7 days you ate no overt fats, such as avocado, nuts, seeds, or oils. I felt so great! I had a lot of energy. I toned up, and my skin cleared a lot.

It helped me clean up my diet a lot. I had gotten down to about 85% raw before the detox. Now I am back up to around 95%. I was eating ezekiel bread and peanut butter every day before. It was just more affordable. But, now I have decided it's ok to eat bread once in a while, but not everyday. So far in the last two weeks I've had one peice of ezekiel bread, and 2 peices of manna bread.

My blood type is A, and it says in Dr. D'Adamo's book for type A's that ezekiel and manna breads are highly beneficial, as well as peanut butter. I just don't think I had as much energy while all that bread was going in my system though. BUT, I did manage to save money. I was also having bowls of cereal periodically as well....with soy milk. I didn't look horrible, or get fat or energy was just not as high, and I didn't feel like manifestation was as easy for me.

I start a new job soon, helping a lady with her home. I really want to make more money so that I can afford more raw. I would love to start a local co op as well. I don't know if you can make money doing it, but I need to do the research. I know I would at least save money on produce if I did it. It needs to be done!!! My goal is to also save money to open up a raw cafe, and maybe a yoga studio inside.

I need to also put up pics of my garden, but I'm waiting for my tomatoes to ripen up. I have like 30 green tomatoes in there.

I wrote an article on a natural diet for children, for a friend of mine who is launching a new children's book. I will put it up soon.

Love to you,


  1. I think it is great you want to open up a Co op. I want to open a raw cafe too!! Yay for raw foodies : ) Thanks for sharing about your detox, I just went through one and I am still struggling with skin issues. I am Blood type A too but I try not to eat bread because I feel it slows me down.

  2. Well Thank you, Twins! I am so grateful you stopped by. Yes, skin can take a while to heal. I struggle a bit myself, but know that the closer to low fat I stay, the better my skin looks.
    Yes, bread I believe slows me down too, and causes the skin irritations. Thank you so much for reminding me!
    Love n Light,