Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Goals/ Intentions

This year, more love, peace, joy and abundance shall flow to me than ever before.
Undying Love and reverence for myself shall unfold forevermore.

Being in the present moment shall always be my goal
so that every experience that I have is a gift waiting to unfold.

Serving and loving my family and being a Godly parent is what I plan to do,
allowing the Universe to guide me and always see me through.

May this year I fully connect to my passions and deeply live my life purpose,
never forgetting the reason I am here, which is:

to LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE, Unconditionally!

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  1. It really is al about the love, isn't it? You might want to check out my grown up blog, Naked Food Cafe. I talk alot about unconditional love and its importance to our health, happiness, and wholeness.:)

    I just posted an award for all our followers on the Berry Boy blog. When you have time, stop by and get yours! :)

    Love & Sunshine!