Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I heard a low cooing sound outside.
It was pitch black and freezing temperatures. I took my dog out the last time for the evening found out that it was two doves, talking to eachother. I then went back into my room and listened to them a bit. One had a low, stronger voice, and the other had a softer, higher voice. The low one would coo three times, then the higher one would coo back. It was such a soothing sound. I was mezmerized that the doves were having this late night conversation...maybe they were keeping eachother warm in the night and having a romantic conversation.

This lead me to thinking about Chris and I. I felt my heart open and love flowing into it, each time I would hear the doves reply to eachother. I know that the dove is an animal sign for Jesus, and what better animal to symbolize His love, especially after the celebration of His birth.

The doves were a wonderful sound to hear as I fell asleep, and a wonderful reminder of the Love that we all share, whether we feel it, recognize it or not. It is always there.


  1. The doves sound so beautiful. I'm sure they helped you fall into a very peaceful sleep. What did you dream about?
    The day that my husband and I met, we met as friends and barely thought of each other as more than that. That night my husband went for a walk along the beach and sat at the edge of a pier. He saw two fish swimming together taking each turn side by side. He thought of me, but then he was confused because we had just met, so why was he thinking of me? We didn't meet again for almost a month later, but in the end we did get married, and we do take every turn together, side by side.

  2. I can't remember dreaming, so I probably just slept. It was very peaceful.

    You and your husband have such a beautiful love story!

  3. Like I said before, I really like reading your blog posts. I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! When you get a chance, stop by to get your award, then tell us 7 things you love, and nominate 7 others. Thank you for sharing your blog with us!