Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award...

On January the 18th, my friend Amanda (who has the blog, Here Goes Everything, My Raw Food Experiment) nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Wow...I wasn't expecting to receive such an honor only after a couple months of blogging! I know I am a little behind on all of this, but working with the soldiers everyday along with the other yoga classes I do, has really left me barely any time to think!!

Now, I get to tell you 7 things that I love and nominate 7 other people for the Kreativ Blogger award.

So, here are the 7 things that I love...

1.) My daughter, Kaya. She is more of a little soul sister to me. She makes me feel like a kid again and I look "down" to her for what I really truly need in life. She provides so much joy to me that I could practically live off of it!! No one could ever replace her cuddles and laughter.

2.) My husband, Chris. He is my soul mate. He walked into my life when I least expected anyone to. He is my anchor in this world, and keeps me grounded instead of flying away and losing my head! I am truly thankful to have such a sweet man in my life.

3.) My dog Angel Feather...she is a long haired, white chihuahua with brown spots. She's got green eyes. I love how when I take her for walks it renews me and makes me appreciate life so much more, and when we play how it lifts my spirits. She even cuddles me while I do yoga.

4.) My yoga practice. I learn so much just from the stillness I receive from practicing. It even helped me quit smoking, and I am developing a new type of yoga...which I'm not sure what I am going to name yet, but the best name I can give it for now is Earth Yoga, because it has a lot to do with speaking to the Earth and consciously being aware of your connection to it.

5.) Walking outside...I love nature, especially when it's warm and breezy. Walking, jogging and running outdoors in the warm sun makes me feel so alive! Any form of excercise really makes me feel good, whether it's inside or outside, though.

6.) Hot, steamy baths. I love to soak in the tub everynight before bed, and any other time I can sneak one in. It relaxes me and takes away the stress of the day.
(I believe that the anal recycling that I do makes up for the water usage.)

7.) My friends. Although they are few and far between, they are so inspiring and keep me lifted high. I wish I could spend more time with them (or at least meet the ones that I've never met in person ;)) but I know that God willing, I will. And by the way, my friend Jesus is always with me, whom I am very grateful to. He teaches me daily and I am happy to let Him work thru me.
I would add more, like the fact that I LOVE RAW FOOD. You can't tell much about that from my blog, because I don't blog much about it...I am working on that part though.

Now, here are 7 people that I choose to nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award...

1.) Rachel Rose's Blog: Raw Food Tales. I met Rachel on Give it to Me Raw, and she and I got to meet in person at the Raw Spirit Festival. She is such a delightful being to know, and I feel blessed to have gotten to meet her. She has some really yummy sounding recipes on her blog.
2.) Jennifer Elliot aka Solstice's Blogs, Conscious Evolution. I've known Jennifer for 4 years now, and we have become so close...yet we are so far away now because she lives in Washington. But it's nice to read her is very spiritual in nature...and about the struggles and great transformations and discoveries that an awakening indigo child has gone through.
3.) Lynn Forster's Blog, Word Twisting. I picked Lynn because she is such a unique being. She is someone whom else I've known a while....actually a long time!! Over ten years. She shows beautiful pics of things that she's made (she does fantastic knitting. She knitted a bag for a tibetan bowl she gave me. I LOVE it!!)
4.) A girl named Liz's blog, Raw Vegan Foodie. She has such a vibrant, colorful blog with endless recipes, photos, and how to's about raw foods. A must see for people who want a creative way to express themselves with their food. She's also an aunt that babysits bunches, so she knows just what to do for the kids.
5.) Taste Memory is another winner. She's one of my friends on Give it to Me Raw. Looking at all her beautiful bright food photos makes me salivate. She has exquisitve artistic photgraphic ability, and her food looks AMAZING!!
6.) A beautiful woman named Solla's Blog: Heavenly Raw. She's also one of my friends on Give it to Me Raw. She is an Icelandic Raw Food Goddess, and every word she writes is full of love and gratitude.
7.) Although she already has already been nominated, I am picking my new friend Amanda, who nominated me. She has this amazing blog
called Here Goes Everything, My Raw Food Experiment. I honestly really love reading everything she has to say. She is so on top of it! I wish I had the time and dedication she has to keep up with her blog, which I believe she writes in every day.
Thanks again, Amanda!


  1. Thanks for nominating me! It looks like you have nominated other great blogs as well. You have such a wonderful family and group of friends to support you; maybe that's why you look so blissed in your picture!? Love and warm wishes!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me for this :) I am not a mom though, just an aunt who babysits ALOT!:D. I love your blog too! Hope are are having a great day!

  3. Oopsie, sorry Liz!! You will make a great mom if you decide to be one in the future. Love and Light to you!

  4. Congrats to you=-)


  5. Thank you Sweetie!

    Much LOVE to YOU!