Friday, February 27, 2009

The Moon and Venus Tonight (At least I think that's Venus)

I was out in the backyard a bit ago and saw in the corner of my eye, the magnificant moon, with Venus next to it. At least I think it's Venus. It's a very bright star.
When I finally looked at them head on, they lit up a little brighter, then went back to their normal brightness. I think they were saying hello to me!
I believe that all this work I'm doing in getting in touch with the planet is making me more conscious of the stars, moon, and universe around me.
I used to look up at stars and see them do the same thing, twinkle at me like they were saying hello. Deep inside I knew they really were, but consciously I just thought "maybe it's just my imagination, or maybe it's just a coincidence. Just maybe."
But the moon and Venus look like they are mixing their energies together. It is amazing. They have an aura of light that surrounds them both, encompassing them both and bathing them in the same light.
I'm sure this means something astrologically. It would be really neat to find out what. I think I will look it up now.

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